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We are providing you with practices that offer balance and support whilst sharing our journey within a safe community of like-minded people.


Asana & yoga Nidra practices and philosophy courses to bring new positive life-changing habits.

We believe in the immense life-long benefits conferred by a dedicated mind body practice, 

whether it’s about contemplation or movement.


Practice is an act of deepening your relationship to yourself, it’s a way to scratch the veneer and see what power or possibilities lies within. 


We want TRUE2U to be a place where you can experience true relaxation as well as learn strategies to support yourself in a safe way.

We aim to bring you the possibility to dig into the study of yoga beyond asanas and foster the deepest, highest and widest expression of the self that already exists within you.


Non-dogmatic resources to challenge and inspire a fulfilling, healthier and more balanced life by providing tools for self-enquiry.

Our studies and resources are based on the roots and tradition of Yoga philosophy and history from a non-dogmatic perspective.


This is a neutral space from which we can experience, formulate opinions, begin new balanced discussions and support an inclusive practice that helps us to move closer to self-realization. 


Our mission is to build a progressive and inclusive community around yogic ethics and practices. 


We’re made of stories. Stories are the people’s common ground and they help us understand the world, inside and within us.

We encourage full expression and honest conversations whilst providing sensitive and sensible tools to let your story unfold from within, and allow you to connect and be supported. 

"Your own self-realisation is the greatest service you can render the world."

Sri Ramana Maharshi

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