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Yoga Nidra is often translated as yogic sleep, or more precisely the sleep of awakening as you are becoming more aware of your true essence whilst guided through a meditation that takes you on a journey into effortless deep relaxation of body and mind. 


Yoga Nidra is also a state that can be revealed to you through the practice where you can abide in restful awareness whilst becoming more aligned with your true nature.


This ancient practice can be practised by anyone and it will nourish and enhance your sense of wellbeing on a physical and emotional level.


we offer a wide range of practices, different in style, length, languages and pace guided by various selected teachers so that you can find the right one for you.


Once you have found it we recommend you stay with it for as long as you like in order to deepen your journey into restful spacious awareness. 


Yoga Nidra | Direction Reset

with Fra 

Himalayan School

English - 10 min


Yoga Nidra | Pace

with Fra

Bihar School

Italiano - 23 min

Vintage Wood Clocks

Yoga Nidra | Make Time

with Sid

English - 10 min

Almond Tree Flowers_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Flowering

with Sid

English - 15 min


Yoga Nidra | for Writing

with Stella

English - 15 min

Starry Sky_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Relaxation

with Olga

English - 20 min

Purple Glow_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Glow

with Paulius

English - 25 min

A flock of seagulls flying above the see

Yoga Nidra | Reboot

with Fra

Bihar School

English - 12 min

Lotus Flower_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Heart Space

Himalayan School

with Fra

English- 15 min


Yoga Nidra | Recharge Boost

with Sid

English - 10 min

Blue Water_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | for Anxiety

with Sid

English - 13 min


Yoga Nidra | for Sleep

with Sandra

English - 20 min

Starry Sky_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Йога Нідра | Pозслаблення

з Ольгою

Ukranian - 23 min

Purple Glow_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Švytėk | Vyrams

with Paulius

Lithuanian - 25 min


Yoga Nidra | Peace

with Fra

Bihar School

English - 22 min

Silver Sphere_edited_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Bilanciamento Energetico

Himalayan School

with Fra | Italiano- 16 min


Yoga Nidra | Recharge Rapide

with Sid

French - 8 min

Forest Trees_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Grounding

with Chaannah 

English - 28 min

Water Ripple

Yoga Nidra | Release

with Tiff

English - 28 min


Yoga Nidra | Let Go

with Esther

English - 15 min

Purple Glow_edited.jpg

Yoga Nidra | Švytėk | Moterims

with Paulius

Lithuanian - 25 min

Some benefits of Yoga Nidra

  • Reduced worry, depression, anxiety, stress by triggering the relaxation response in autonomic nervous system

  • Increased Mindfulness

  • Enhanced health and wellbeing

  • Better sleep

  • Positive impact on disruptive behaviour of young people 

  • Increased contentment despite what happens in life

  • Greater sense of possibilities in your life, whilst potentially connecting to your true nature.

Guidance for practice

  • Practice at a time that is best for you

  • Find a clean and quiet space where nothing or nobody can disturb you 

  • Find a comfortable reclined position, possibly not in your bed to avoid falling asleep. 

  • You can also rest the back on a support into a seated position

  • Reduce sensory input as much as you can 

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes

  • Make sure the body will be warm but not hot 

  • Make sure stomach is empty 

  • Avoid using any music 

Yoga Nidra literally means “Yogic Sleep". In this deep meditation you train your attention to leave the chatter of the Waking state of mind, go past the fantasy of the Dreaming state, and consciously, intentionally enter the stillness of the Deep Sleep state, yet paradoxically remain awake and in deep meditation. For thousands of years the Yogis have used Yoga Nidra to master the art of sleep, to balance the subtle energies, and to experience greater depths of meditation.

Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati

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