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We are currently in the process of creating a series of short courses and resources  on demand about Yoga Philosophy, History, Practice and Yoga Nidra that can help you deepen your journey on a theoretical level adding a new layer to your self-exploration.


The courses will be accredited by Yoga Alliance US (YACEP)  for professional development. 



“Fra’s philosophy classes make the complex topic of Yoga philosophy enjoyable. Her personal interest in the topic, her vast knowledge, ability to answer questions and lead the discussions and passion to teach it comes across making even the hard topics easy to comprehend.

It felt like a privilege to follow her course and join the dots throughout of this expansive and fascinating universe of Yoga philosophy.” 
Sezi , RYT500 Philosophy Module 


“Fra makes Yoga philosophy accessible to all and genuinely interesting. Her knowledge and understanding of Yoga philosophy in general but especially the Sutras is phenomenal, yet she is totally non-dogmatic and entirely open to discussions of all kinds. It is the mark of a great teacher to have the flexibility to go off script, along tangents, jump on very weird trains of thought, and down some frankly bizarre alleys of conversation whilst still ensuring that a vast amount of material is covered and understood. Beyond RYT 200 I would have been unlikely to pick up the Sutras again, but thanks to Fra I not only feel I have made some inroads in grappling with the meaning of Yoga, I have also been inspired to study more, practise more, and teach more about Yoga philosophy.”” 
Eva , RYT500 Philosophy Module 

Yoga is the process of replacing old patterns with new
and more appropriate patterns.

Sri T. Krishnamacharya

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