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Meet Francesca Sanlorenzo




Fra is currently based in Italy where she offers

in-person group and private lessons.

Contact Fra directly below for availability, rates and location.


Fra is a senior teacher with over 1000 hrs of Yoga studies and Trainee Yoga Therapist. Her yoga practice is rooted and began in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition and over the years she explored other styles such as Jivamukti, Scaravelli, Integral Yoga and Yin.


These experiences led to a more fluid and non-dogmatic dimension to her practice and teaching of Asana, Yoga Philosophy, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra embedded in Yoga Philosophy. 

She worked for one of London’s leading Yoga Teacher Training schools, both on RYT-200 and RYT-500 hour courses, where she has also written and delivered advanced modules in Yoga Philosophy, Asana and Yoga Nidra. She is currently continuing her studies to become a Yoga Therapist. 


Francesca is passionate about guiding students through holistic sequences rooted in the breath to develop physical and energetic strength, flexibility, increased vitality, and a focused mind.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga 

a dynamic, creative and fluid practice where movement is connected with breath


Chair Yoga 

a static and dynamic practice on the chair for people with reduced mobility


Yin Yoga 

a static, simple and meditative practice targets the deep connective tissue and fascia

Teens Yoga 

a practice designed to support teenagers overcome the challenges of adolescence whilst connecting to their bodies in a positive way 



breathing techniques designed to balance the vital energy


Yoga Nidra 

a guided meditation that promotes effortless deep relaxation of body and mind


Mindfulness Meditation 

practices that develop awareness of the present moment, without judgement


Fra creates a safe space where students of all levels feel nurtured and are encouraged to listen to their bodies in the present moment, modifying them according to their needs to embody the practice from within.


"Fra creates this wonderful, intimate and safe practice space

to develop your body strength, flexibility and a focused mind"

Raquel, student


Yoga Nidra & Tibetan singing bowls 

guided deep relaxation to release all tensions and rebalancing healing sound. 


Yoga Therapy 

holistic treatment of somatic and psychological issues that restores wellbeing. 


Ever since Francesca was young, she’s been asking, ‘who are we’, ‘why are we here’, ‘what’s my purpose’?

When she found yoga, in her late 20’s, after practicing martial arts for years, it all began to connect for her, as she continued her journey beyond physical practice into self-discovery, on and off the mat.


This exploration also informed her creative practice as a photographer as well as her teaching of Art and Design working, for over 15 years, with teenagers excluded from mainstream education and facing challenging circumstances in South East London. Fra moved back to Italy in December 2021 for a new chapter of her life.

Let’s practice together

T (Italy) : +39 347 4929062

T (UK) : +44 7951 476662

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